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Best Flats in Jaipur :

You people know that I review everywhere I go. I share my opinions with you about a place I have been to. I am not a blogger by heart and I don’t do it for money. This is my urge to share my opinion with everyone and i found this platform to be the most convenient to me.

So, a few days back I was there in Jaipur and I was staying at Rangoli garden Society which is one of the best Flats in Jaipur. It’s in the outer skirts of Jaipur away from the main Jaipur city. I lived here for more than two weeks and I had my opinions prepared for the blog.

Flats in Jaipur

Flats in Jaipur

When I reached Jaipur I knew it that at the moment I get down from the bus I will be flooded with the auto rickshaw drivers to get me to my destination. I did not had Ola or uber app in my phone so I agreed to a driver to take me to kanakpura in rangoli garden society. Running through the whole city while going towards kanakpura. I had to say this city is a lot cleaner than Delhi. Flats in Jaipur are better than Delhi ones. Delhi has a very high standard when it comes to area like canaught place or India gate but I have lived in Delhi my whole life and I know it very well. Whole east Delhi region looks like a garbage dump area. I will talk about that in another post.

Reached Rangoli Garden Society :

After I reached, I was first encountered with the security guards holding onto an electric door which opens into the society. There was only one entry area and only one exit area, it makes things simpler. I was asked that in which flat number I had to go, I told them and they confirmed my visit over the phone with my relatives. I am not familiar with this kind of security, even though I live in the capital to India.

Flats in Jaipur

At the first day I didn’t see the society completely but on the first chance the next day I went to see the complete face of this living area. It felt like a complete luxury to me, as I am am a normal middle class guy living in Delhi in my own individual house. There are two kinds of buildings here, 5 floors and 12 floors. It’s a huge society with over 36 building blocks and around 1500 flats.

Flats in Jaipur

Flats in Jaipur

Facilities in this living area are more than sufficient to anyone. There is a club house with a swimming pool for adults and another pool for kids too. It had a sitting area, library, kids playroom, gym, billiards, table tennis, chess, carom board etc facilities. There is also many badminton courts and for what I saw there was around three swimming pools in total. Two full fledged tennis courts, a skating ring, multiple lawns and outdoor sitting area too. Maintenance is on call and also on time. This can be a serious issue with the individual housing system. You cannot just fix everything in your home with one call. It sounds cheesy and it looks like I am making this stuff up but I lived here.

Flats in Jaipur

Flats in Jaipur

Why it’s good for me ?

For me, a east Delhi guy it’s like a dream come true. In Delhi, I can’t think of a place where I can get this much facilities and a living standard like this. Parking is the biggest problem in Delhi. People literally fight over parking space there and in a society like this, everyone has a parking spot fixed for their cars, just grab your keys and go.

Flats in Jaipur

I don’t exactly know the prices of their flats as I am not a broker (you can clearly see that) but I do happen to know the renting range of 3 BHK flats. It’s around ₹18000-21000. For some people it will be higher than their budget but I would suggest if you are single or just a couple with no plans to expand the family then you can look for other options. But, if you are a family and looking for a place to live in Jaipur, Rangoli Gardens are the best Flats in Jaipur you will find.

And remember, this not any kind of endorsement. It’s my honest opinion about this place.

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