How to Install Brushes in Photoshop

Why would anyone want to install new brushes in Photoshop ? Off course the default Photoshop brushes are not enough to make every kind of design you want. You might want to make grudges , rain drops, stars, butterflies, shadows, etc and you can do it all by brushes. In simple words, it is the most important tool of an artist and in the case of Photoshop it is the first thing you should learn.

This is a step by step guide on How to install brushes in Photoshop.

Refer to this video tutorial for better understanding.


  1. Download the brush to your hard drive.

how to install brushes in photoshop

You can download a lot of free brushes from the websites like brusheezy. There are a lot of brushes available you just need to know what you what and you can download it for free. For someone who is a beginner in photoshop, there are more than enough brushes available. When downloaded it should be in .abr format. If you downloaded a compressed archive then it should be extracted first to get the .abr file.


  1. Opening Photoshop

how to install brushes in photoshop


Assuming you have downloaded and installed photoshop. Open it and start a new file (Ctrl+N). Now a new window comes up, enter the width and height of the picture. If you don’t have anything in mind then enter something like 1000 in width and 1000 in height (pixels). This will open a square and blank picture.


  1. Installing the brush file


Now, select the brush tool from the toolbar or press ‘B’. Right click inside the picture anywhere to get the brush options. On the top right corner there is a gear icon, by clicking that you will see various options but select the one which says “Load Brushes..”. This will open up a browsing window for the .abr file. Select the .abr file and open it.


It’s done. Your brush will be loaded. Select the brush from the window and use it as you want.

So, this explains How to install brushes in photoshop. Please comment down below if I missed any step or tell me if you want another tutorial.

Thank You.

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