How to Resize Multiple Images at Once using Photoshop

Sometimes you might want to send some photographs to the client but you don’t want them to have full resolution images. You can decrease the size of multiple images at once. Of course you can also do it with some other third party plugin but this facility is available in Photoshop so why go somewhere else ?

Refer to this video tutorial if you wish to see this process visually.


Steps on How to resize multiple images at once using photoshop :

  1. Gather all the high resolution pictures into the same folder. And you might also want to rename them as you in windows 10
  2. Open Photoshop and then, File > Scripts > Image Processorimage processor in photoshop gaurav nagar
  3. When a window comes like this, you have to give the address of source folder and the address of the destination folder. All the settings you choose here will be applied to all the images.image processor in photoshop gaurav nagar
  4. At the first step, click on the “select folder” , a browser window will open. Select the folder in which all the images are.reducing file size gaurav nagar
  5. At the second step, click on the “select folder”, again the browser window will open. Now select the folder in which you want the resized images to be.reducing file size gaurav nagar
  6. Third step is the settings you want to apply, click on “resize to fit” and enter the maximum width and height (in this case I will enter it as 1024×768).reducing file size in photoshop gaurav nagar
  7. You don’t need to do anything in the fourth step. Now, click RUN.image processor in photoshop gaurav nagar
  8. Photoshop will now open each and every picture and resize it to fit the resolution you provided above. You can use this process to increase or decrease the size or resolution of the images.image processor in photoshop gaurav nagar
  9. Once the photoshop completes the resizing process, all the image files will be available in the destination folder you provided above.


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