How to Zoom with Scroll Wheel in Photoshop

How to Zoom with Scroll Wheel in Photoshop

You might be doing photoshop regularly and working with detail needs to zoom into the image a lot of times. You can’t take zoom tool from toolbar everytime you want to zoom that makes you so slow. Even if you hit the ‘z’ key, it takes more time than zooming with your scroll wheel. Workflow gets smooth like a butter with this. Wait, what if you don’t have a mouse ? What if you are doing photoshop with a laptop trackpad or a pen tablet ? Well if you clicked and decided to read upto now you might know this is for the people doing photoshop with a mouse.

It’s a very simple technique that just increases your workflow speed.  This post is just so that you don’t waste your important time searching for a silly thing like this.

It will be easy to watch the video here for understanding this tutorial better.

Just follow the steps shown in the video tutorial or continue reading :

  1. Open Photoshop with an imagehow to zoom with scroll wheel in photoshop
  2. Go to Edit options in the main menu of photoshop. Open Preferences menu and click on general. Or you can just press the shortcut key Ctrl+Khow to zoom with scroll wheel in photoshop
  3. This is the main settings area of photoshop. On this page you will find a direct setting “Zoom With Scroll Wheel”. Check the box and you are ready to to zoom with scroll wheel in photoshop
  4. Save the preferences and close the window. Now you can zoom using your scroll wheel.

So this is How to Zoom with Scroll Wheel in Photoshop,

I hope you found this tutorial useful. Check out the other tutorials I have on this website here. Comment down below if you have anything to say about this tutorial.

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