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Delhi is a populated city, the heart of India. All of this population needs to eat food and people don’t eat same food all seven days of the week. It’s a long line to say but as today i am talking about a small cafe in Delhi which makes a little effort in engaging us (the customers). It’s Washington Cafe, located in the most cafe populated area of Delhi, Hudson Lane, G.T.B Nagar.

As the name suggests, this a cafe made on the theme of Washington. Click on the video below to see the complete video on this cafe.  Video might be an interesting way to understand what’s going on. But for all the hard core readers i will write my experience completely.

My Complete Video About Washington Cafe :

So, when you enter you will get to know why it’s name is Washington Cafe. I sat on the corner seat and immediately a waiter was there with a menu card and water bottle. I ordered chilly potato because every cafe in this area serves all kinds of pasta and literally i have eaten pasta more than 20 times here. So chilly potato and a dark chocolate milkshake.

Food tastes good here and the ambience was also good.  A picture of George Washington on the left wall is the final touch which makes it look like Washington even more. They also painted a map of Washington on the front wall. In the video above you can clearly see the lighting conditions and i must say unless you have a DSLR you will not get a good shot. Most of the cafes here have dim lighting conditions, taking pictures from a phone is not a good idea though.

After the lunch when i asked for the check, they gave me a letter box. Yes, a letter box. You have to open it and your bill will be there inside. Overall, i liked this cafe for a casual lunch, although i would not suggest it for some kind of celebration like birthday party.

Comment down below if you have also been to this place. Let me know what do you feel about this and your experience there.

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